about us

Brazil Minerals, Inc. is a U.S. mineral exploration and mining company with mineral properties located in Brazil. Our common shares trade on the OTCQB platform of OTC Markets under the symbol “BMIX”.

Brazil Minerals intends to be a leader in the provisioning of minerals essential to the transformation of the global economy from fossil fuels to electrification, a process which is expected to take decades. To the best of our knowledge, we are the listed company with the largest size and breadth in exploration projects for strategic minerals in Brazil, a premier mineral jurisdiction. Our primary goal is to become a profitable company as soon as possible. We are also different from many listed companies: we have no loans or notes or any investor debt in our books.

Our projects and properties encompass approximately 60,077 acres (243 km2) for lithium, 30,009 acres (121 km2) for rare earths, 22,050 acres (89 km2) for titanium, and 7,509 acres (30 km2) for nickel and cobalt. The Company also owns multiple mining concessions for gold, diamond, and industrial sand. Additionally, through partial ownership of two subsidiaries (described below), Brazil Minerals participates in iron, gold, and quartzite projects.

We are primarily focused on advancing and developing our hard-rock lithium project located in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil, where some of our high-potential mineral rights are adjacent to or near large lithium deposits that belong to a large, publicly traded competitor. Our Minas Gerais Lithium Project is our largest endeavor and consists of 44 mineral rights spread over 45,456 acres (184 km2) and predominantly located within the Brazilian Eastern Pegmatitic Province which has been surveyed by the Brazilian Geological Survey and is known for the presence of hard rock formations known as pegmatites which contain lithium-bearing minerals such as spodumene and petalite. In general, lithium derived from pegmatites is less costly to purify for uses in high technology applications than lithium obtained from brine. Such applications include the battery supply chain for electric vehicles (“EVs”), an area of expected high growth for the next several decades.

We believe that we can materially increase the value of the Company by the acceleration of our exploratory work and quantification of our lithium mineralization. Our initial commercial goal is to be able to enter production of lithium-bearing concentrate, a product which is highly sought after in the battery supply chain for EVs.

We also have 100%-ownership of early-stage projects and properties in other minerals that are needed in the battery supply chain and high technology applications such as rare earths, titanium, nickel, and cobalt. Our goal is to become “the Mineral Resources Company for the Green Energy Revolution”. We believe that the shift from fossil fuels to battery power will yield long-term opportunities for us not only in lithium but also in such other minerals.

Additionally, we have 100%-ownership of several mining concessions for gold and diamonds. Historically we have had revenues from mining and selling gold and diamonds. More recently we have had revenues from mining and selling industrial sand for the local construction industry, which is at the time of this prospectus our primary source of revenues. Such endeavors have given us the critical management experience needed to take early-stage projects in Brazil from the exploration phase through successful licensing from regulators and to revenues.

We own approximately 50% of the common shares of Apollo Resources Corporation (“Apollo Resources”), a private company currently primarily focused on the development of its initial iron mine, expected to start operations and revenues in early 2023.

We also own approximately 25% of Jupiter Gold Corporation (“Jupiter Gold”), a company focused on the development of gold projects and of a quartzite mine, and whose common shares are quoted on the OTCQB under the symbol “JUPGF”. The quartzite mine is expected to start operations and revenues in 2022.

The results of operations from both Apollo Resources and Jupiter Gold are consolidated in our financial statements under USGAAP.

We are different from many listed companies in that we do not have any outstanding convertible loans or notes or investor debt of any type in our books. In fact, on this topic we have memorialized a certain specific policy which we believe protects our shareholders: on April 12, 2021, we filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission a Form 8-K disclosing the following change in our bylaws: “The Corporation is prohibited from issuing to a third-party any convertible loan, note, or debt in which the conversion price decreases if the price of the common stock of the Corporation decreases.”

As the “Mineral Resources Company for the Green Energy Revolution” we are deeply committed to Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (“ESG”) causes. We have an ESG Chief who coordinates our efforts in these important matters. Within the last few years, we planted more than 6,000 trees of diverse types for the benefit of local populations in areas in which we operate and constructed over 1,000 small retention walls to preserve and enhance dirt access roads used by such communities. Separately, many of our work needs have been specifically delegated to firms owned or managed by women and minorities.